Jen G.  07/10/13 
"What a great place & in my own city! I was looking for a new groomer & came across the great reviews on Yelp. I can't say enough about Metro Pet. Michelle did a fantastic job on my terrier mix--and they knew exactly how to deal with her unruly hair. I also had requested a little hair left on her head & it came out so cute! 
The information & professional service provided were beyond my expectations. I'll definitely be returning & will recommend Metro Pet to everyone I know. My Lady Bug loved her spa day! I also got a shampoo sample & purchased some conditioner for my other dog (a beagle). The product they carry is fantastic. The beagle came out smelling fantastic & super soft after using the conditioner.
If you treat your doggies like family, then take them to Metro Pet :)"
Becky I.  06/19/13   

"Metro Pet Spa is just awesome!! They really know what they are doing. I took my 7 month old Aussie in for his first grooming experience and they did an awesome job with him. He was a little scared of the dryer but they made sure to calm him down and put him at ease. I definitely recommend Metro Pet Spa!!! Also the pricing is lower then a lot of places I've been to. It is so worth it!! They also have a membership program for you dogs!! SO awesome and it is affordable and easy to schedule regular grooming appointments for your dog!! I love it here!!!"

Chaz G.  04/22/13 
"Metro Pet Spa is the best of the best!  I have never been to a pet spa that really looks after their clients "pets"  I have 3 Brussels Griffon's and two of them are seniors.  Dr. Rani & Michelle take care of them like they are there own.  My dogs love going to visit and get spoiled.  It is seriously the best place to have your dogie groomed!!! Metro Pet Spa Rocks!!!"
Deisy M.  04/12/13   

"LOVE IT!!!! if you love your pet bring them here Michelle is really nice you can see right away that her and her helper love animals, they don'y see your pet as just another dog to work on like other places do.  the best part is you can stay there and wait for your pet which is good if your dog is as spoiled as mine is and cries a lot. they have cute little kennels to place your pup in instead of cages and also their products are organic and the place just has a very relaxing vibe to it. its a plus that they offer temporary hair dye for your dogs also organic and the girl dogs can even get little nails put on them! :) awesome!!!"

Jennifer R.  02/20/13 
"It was my Shiba Inu first time ever at the groomers and she was nervous but they were so gentle and patient with her that my Shiba Inu enjoyed it so much. *Thank You to Metro Spa*"
Virginia M.  02/07/13 
"Took our malt poodle today and definitely a returning customer. I see why this place gets five stars. My daughter and I were very impressed and pleased with the professional and caring service provided by the doctor (vet) and her grooming assistant. They really LOVE what they do and knowledgable about pets! We learned a lot. They went out of their way to explain what they are doing and why. Beautiful set up and excellent prices on their products. We are so happy this place exists in Montebello. Thank you Metro for all your hard work! You guys deserve more than five stars! Loved it, loved it, love it! You have to check them out. They are awesome!"
Felix A.  01/10/13 
"Metro spa is by far the best place for my pups. We've taken them everywhere for their grooming needs and these ladies treated my pups with lots of TLC. You can tell they genuinely cared for my pups. Will definitely do more business with them in the future. Dogs loved it and their customer service and advice was beyond superb."
Veronica F.  11/07/12 
"I took my 4 month old Bulldog and she got treated like a princess I highly recomend Metro pet spa they take very good care of your dog and all the cute accessories they have there I just wanted to get everything for my puppy."
Monique C.  09/10/12   
"Metro Pet Spa is Awesome! They treat my doggie with such love! I swear by the Oatmeal scrub! Besito used to have such itchy, dry, flaky skin. I tried so many treatments and topical ointments but nothing worked until Metro Pet Spa's Oatmeal Scrub! The ladies are so kind and they serve STARBUCKS Coffee to the pet owners while you wait! Prices are Very reasonable. If you are looking for an awesome groomer, ask for Michelle."
Jennifer C.  09/09/12  
"I took my Yorkie in this week for a haircut and I couldn't be happier!!  The staff is super friendly and the place looks great.  I went in about an hour earlier than my appointment because we had a vet check up.  Ale let me keep my dog their and to my surprise told me i could stay if I wanted to.  There are some couches and a tv, as well as spa like music lol  I loved that they put my little one in a pen and not a crate.  THe cut was also really good.  Usually my dog gets super freaked out when i take him to be groomed, but the staff was awesome and super sweet to him.  Highly recommend =D"
Ooh L.  09/01/12   
"My Maltese was in dire need of a hair cut and overall grooming, however living in Montebello it is difficult to find a good groomer especially one that is privately owned ( I tend to shy away from the conglomerate pet shops..) so when I found Metro Pet Spa on yelp I was thrilled about finally finding a nice place to take my dog, Coco. I called on Friday and Alejandra was EXTREMELY kind and accommodating. Despite. the fact that they were completely booked she scheduled me in for the following day. When I got there I asked that they give my pooch a hair cut as well as dye the tips of his ears, toes, and tail. They were not only accommodating in scheduling me but also with their pricing. The groomer ( sorry I didnt catch her name) gave me a wonderful and AFFORDABLE package deal that I definitely could not say no. A few hours layer I picked up my dog and i was THRILLED. They not only did an amazing job but my dog looked so happy to be there. The end product was a beautifully groomed and dyed dog, and a very happy customer!!  I am now a DEVOTE customer of Metro Pet Spa and I am so excited that I finally found a perfect place to take my little prince :0)
Jeanette R.  08/21/12   
"Brought my yorkie Jasmine for a bath and to have her nails trimmed. I was absolutely impressed by the service. I was surprised to be invited to the back where they washed my baby, the girl that bathed Jasmine was awesome, she was very gentle with her. I am glad to have a good grooming place in the area! I will definitely return!!!!"
Maria A.  07/26/12   
"I was about to go get a pedi for myself and thought, I should drop off my girl for a bath. So on my way to get my pedi I found this place. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. Everything was very organized and clean. My bf usually takes her to get groomed but today it was OUR day. I know she has a lot of skin allergies and when I was talking to them about this, they suggested a Hypo Allergenic bath. She loved it. Deja gets super excited around new people and today was no different. She is a pitbull and she is very heavy for her size which gave me a little worry since she tugs so much, but they were very happy to take good care of our little one. I will def be going back."
Judyanna E.  07/18/12   
"I Brought in my  English bulldog "BUDDHA"  for a much needed nail trim.  The staff is so friendly !!!  Buddha loved all the attention she received.  She can be a pain when it comes to cutting her nails she gets very aggressive.  Thanks Dr. Rainey, Michelle and Mat for making her first visit so positive.  She's looking forward to her bath and blueberry facial next weekend."
Michelle M.  07/16/12  
"I took my pomeranian yesterday to get groomed. I was intitially impressed when I called to make an appointment the week before. I can't recall if I talked to Michelle or Dr. Rani. In any case, during the phone conversation, it was highly suggested that I do not shave my pom. I already knew this because I had done research online but the fact that a groomer would tell me this showed me that they truly care about the health and safety of animals. When I arrived at the location, it was clean and the staff was very friendly. I stayed for the entire 2 hours and throughout the time, Michelle was teaching me different things about my dog's skin, how to properly brush him, and why they use certain techniques. I am definately returning."
Judyanna E.  07/07/12   
"I Brought in my  English bulldog "BUDDHA"  for a much needed nail trim.  The staff is so friendly !!!  Buddha loved all the attention she received.  She can be a pain when it comes to cutting her nails she gets very aggressive.  Thanks Dr. Rainey, Michelle and Mat for making her first visit so positive.  She's looking forward to her bath and blueberry facial next weekend."
Anita T.  06/17/12   
"Ms Michelle & Dr Rani are totally AWESOME. This is now my poodle Sofie 2nd visit to the spa. Today was an emergency grooming visit without an appt.Sofie being a poodle had poop stuck under her tail that I couldn't get off Michelle & Dr Rani made my baby feel so relaxed that she is not shacking & nervous as she would be with the other groomer she would go see on Mednik not to mention names. The price is great also for the services & advice i got today. Dr Rani knows her business & Ms Michelle is the best. I will return again & again. Thank you ladies."
Toni A.  05/30/12   

"So very happy with the service. My cocker spaniel was treated like a prince, even if he was acting like a mad dog. Michelle groomed my bad boy and by the time she had him in he tub is was giving her kisses - wow! Dr. Rani & Michelle have an awesome idea of inviting pet parents to stay, relax or watch their staff at work.   Spa tubs are in process and soon owners can do their own pet washing there too.  The services are in a menu and more froufrou treatments are soon to be added.  My dog had a blueberry facial to help with tear stains under his eye. He smells wonderful.  Prices are comparable to other groomers in the area,  I feel so much better here."

London A.  05/25/12   
"Brought my American Eskimo "Hades" in for a bath. It was my first time taking my dog to a groomers and boy do I NOT regret it!!! The groomers are awesome! Friendly! Professional! And know what's up!! It's a super "go green" place so everything is natural, the offer free Starbucks if you would like to wait for your dog while he/she is being groomed, and if you want to go home they tell you when to come back and your dog is actually done by that time! I was helped by all the groomers do they're all awesome!! I am bringing back my dog for sure and highly recommended this place to anyone that loves their dogs and want only the Best for them!!"
Alejandra F.  05/22/12 
"my downstairs neighbors have been complaining about my dogs making too much noise when they walk or run inside the apartment we live in, i took my dog zero inside the spa for some softpaw nail caps and now you cant hear a thing! my gog got the works at the spa!! i will definitely be taking my other dog for the absolute works! i highly recommend this spa to every doggie parents!"