NEW Doggie Salad Bar

NEW Doggie Salad Bar

Visit our new Doggie Salad Bar! Your dog can enjoy the numerous health benefits of organic wheat grass at any time during your reservation. 

Dogs instinctively chew and eat grass to obtain their needed vitamins, minerals, and enzymes provided by this fresh raw food. Outdoor grass has little to no nutritional value - it can also be toxic from fertilizers and pesticides.
Wheatgrass is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. and has many health benefits due to the high concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins (B-12, B-6, K, C), enzymes, and beta-carotene. Wheatgrass is considered to be a “Super-food” - a food with high nutrient content that offers many amazing health benefits with little to no negative properties. The juice is known as “liquid oxygen”. Wheatgrass contains no wheat gluten so does not typically cause any allergic response.

Wheatgrass contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of the most alkaline minerals (potassium. calcium, magnesium, and sodium). It also includes the following essential enzymes: Protease (protein digestion), Cytochrome Oxidase (powerful anti-oxidant), Amylase (digestion), Lipase (fat-splitter), Transhydrogenase (strengthens the heart muscle), and Superoxide Dismutase - SOD (utilized in all cells - lessens effect of radiation and slows aging). It also contains a staggering 19 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Adding fresh wheatgrass to your dog’s diet offers many important health benefits including:
   *Improves bad breath and tightens gums
   *Aids in digestion with enzymes that help to fully 
    metabolize nutrients
   *Helps to prevent tumor formation
   *Detoxifies the body’s vital organs, especially the 
    liver and intestines
   *Improves the health of the GI tract
   *Improves the health of the anal glands
   *Treats ulcers, colitis, constipation, and diarrhea
   *Provides energy and stamina
   *Helps to reverse illnesses
   *Slows aging and combats free radicals
   *Rejuvenates and cleanses the blood
   *Protects the blood from anaerobic bacteria and   
    cancer cells through the effect of liquid oxygen
   *Stimulates blood circulation and increases the red 
    blood cell count
   *Regulates optimal blood pressure ranges
   *Cleanses the blood restoring proper alkalinity
   *Strengthens cells
   *Stimulates the thyroid gland for optimal function
   *Detoxifies the body and sheds excess body weight
   *DNA repair
   *Regenerates the liver
   *Deodorizes the body
   *Anti-inflammatory properties
   *Helps to reduce the risk of cancer
   *Protects from toxins neutralizing environmental pollution

Wheatgrass is absolutely safe for all pets, including dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and other small animals. We also offer take-home kits so that you can grow your own wheat grass for your dog at home.