Metro Pet Spa is LA's first K9 Fit Club® location!

Metro Pet Spa is LA's first K9 Fit Club® location!

Working Out with Your Dog Makes it Easier!

K9 Fit Club® is a fitness and wellness program for both people and their dogs. The programs combine a workout for you and a workout for your dog while offering a fun, safe, and controlled environment. We offer programs for people of all ages and ability levels with classes that are developed by leaders within the veterinary, medical, animal behavior, and training/fitness professionals. Both people and dogs face the same health challenges: weight gain, stress, lack of energy, arthritis, and heart disease just to name a few. K9 Fit Club® helps from both ends of the leash to allow you and your dog live a longer, healthier, and happier life together.

Begging For Beginners

This is our introduction class. See what K9 Fit Club® is all about while getting a great workout and pawsitive training for your dog. This class is geared for people of all fitness levels, even the novice, and is a great starting point for anyone looking to get back into shape!

Bow Wow Bootcamp®
Looking for a more advanced fitness class? Bow Wow Bootcamp® combines strength, agility, and cardio in a medium/high-intensity class that includes circuit training and station work.  You can expect some cardio, games, weight training, core training, and a little something new in each class!

Express Class
Are you advanced and have very little extra time to spare? This is a 30-minute quick workout with your dog that is guaranteed to make you sweat!

Sit, Stay & Get Fit®
The focus of this class is the beginning of a lifestyle change to boost your health, fitness ability, and prepare for the Beginner Program. You and your dog will learn basic obedience to progress to the beginner program. This is also geared toward senior citizens and the obese population.

Just the Dog®
Not enough time in the day or feel that your dog needs a bit more exercise? Take your dog to the next fitness level with cardio, strength, and agility exercises.


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